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Green Tourism Camp in Sigtuna calls for more leaders to join the debate on sustainability


Sustainability issues must be included in the visions, strategies and business plans we use to develop our destinations. Only then can the tourism industry make a difference. Participants in the event Green Tourism Camp call for greater commitment and challenge the industry leaders and decision makers to participate in the call towards a more sustainable tourism development – for the benefit of a growing industry.
For the second year in a row, the "unconference" Green Tourism Camp Scandinavia was held in Sigtuna on the subject of Tourism and Sustainable Development. During two full days, more than 30 participants shared their questions, experiences and knowledge. Participants joined from England, Belgium, Austria and Germany, and from Sweden, Skåne, Gotland, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Swedish Lapland were represented.

On the agenda – created entirely by the participants – were nearly 20 different workshops that were all, in some way, based upon the conventional definition of sustainability (environmental, economic and social). Workshops raised topics like: What is bad tourism? How do we measure sustainability? What is a green meeting? How can we engage our hotel guests to become more involved? How to communicate sustainability efforts? How to implement sustainability as a strategic tool in the business plan? What’s the attitude of the younger generations pertaining to tourism and sustainability? And how can we use collaboration as an effective tool for ensuring sustainable development?

In a final session, the participants concluded that the decision makers within the travel and hospitality industry need more knowledge regarding sustainability issues, both at international and national level as well as at the local destinations.

With a growing industry comes an increased responsibility for mitigating climate change and environmental impact, but also a great opportunity to strengthen the common power of attraction. It is a responsibility that all must take on, and Sweden has the chance to take the lead in sustainable tourism. This is a chance that we cannot afford to miss. Sustainability must therefore not become a parallel niche issue, but instead be treated as an integral part of business development and daily operations.

Since destination development in Sweden is mainly financed by public funds, the governmental agencies must be involved in the development of new visions and strategies to a large extent. Sustainable development requires the exchange of knowledge, best-practice sharing, active participation and a desire to make a change. With commitment, curiosity and openness, a positive paradigm shift can take place, for the benefit of Swedish tourism as a whole.

Participants in the Green Tourism Camp are now challenging the industry's leaders and decision makers to deepen their knowledge and invite them to an active participation at the GTC in Sigtuna 2015.

Anders Esselin, Man & Nature

Andreas Olsen, Hotell Kristina

Björn Arvidsson, RazorMind

Brita Moosemann, Yield for profit

Camilla Zedendahl, Destination Sigtuna

Catarina Wallentin, Gotland Convention Bureau

Christian von Essen, Travel Report and CityXpress

Christine Fuchs, the Social Fox

Cinzia Paulsen, Konferens & Event, SF Bio AB

Dan Jonasson, Sustainability expert Kiruna in Swedish Lapland

Dennis Zalamans, Södertörns Högskola

Gustaf Onn, Södertörns Högskola

Hanna Bergendahl, Sigtuna Meetings

Henrik von Arnold, Stockholm Convention Bureau

Inge Huijbrechts, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

Jan Peter Bergkvist, Sleep Well

Jens Johansson, U&We

Jeppe Klockaresson, Fair Travel

Jonas Norén, SF Bio AB

Katarina Torstenson, Göteborg & Co.

Kym McWhinnie, Royal Collage of Physicians

Lotta Boman, Sigtuna Meetings

Louise Gustafsson, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

Maria Tullberg, Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel och Radisson Blu SkyCity Hotel

Marie Häggström, Stockholm Convention Bureau

Patrik Dyrendahl, SF Bio AB och GMIC Sweden

Simon Strandvik, Greentime AB

Sofie Blomgren, Destination Uppsala

Sofie Broomé, Event in Skåne

Wolf-Thomas Karl, Agentur Karl & Karl

Ywonne Glimeld, student Hållbar Turism, Akademi Båstad

Åsa Markén, Swedavia Swedish Airports


A BarCamp is an “unconference” where neither speaker, program events nor seminars are predetermined. Instead, it is the commitment of the participants that shape the content. Everyone participates equally in conversations and discussions and generously share their knowledge and experience. The agenda is decided on the spot based on common issues.

Green Tourism Camp Scandinavia in 2014 was organized by Destination Sigtuna AB together with Yield for Profit, Karl & Karl, supported by GMIC Sweden, and took place at the Hotel Kristina in Sigtuna. For more information, a summary of the discussions and the list of participants, see the website www.green-tourism-camp.com

For more information please contact Camilla Zedendahl, Destination Sigtuna, mobile: +46 709906 973, e-mail: Camilla.zedendahl@destinationsigtuna.se

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